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We are one of the few valuers to be completely transparent about our pricing.  With no hidden costs or extras, we make it easy for you to do business with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why No Fixed Prices?

We would love to! Fortunately there are a number of things which we take into account;  Location, zoning, size of property, development potential, whether an on-site visit is required & other.  We do this to make sure that we can offer you the best value and service possible.  A simple desktop report for stamp duty in western Sydney may be only $300 plus GST.  At the same time the price is not as important as the result.  For example, a client approached us, already with a valuation in hand for a commercial property which the government was acquiring via compulsory acquisition.  The client had already spent $1,500 plus GST on a valuation.  The valuation however did not meet the requirements of a court in regards to the presentation of expert evidence.  Also the valuation did not take into consideration compensation payable under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. (NSW)  Further the client was not represented and also had no knowledge of business relocation valuation and compensation.  We provided the client with on-going consultancy and valuation expert evidence.  We assisted in lengthy negotiation with the acquiring authority.  We referred a suitable solicitor, business valuer and barrister.  The acquisition was settled for in excess of  $2.5 million above the acquiring authorities initial offer.  The process took approximately 2 years requiring conference and negotiations with the authority,  S34 conference with the land and environment court,  joint expert statement, expert’s conference, updated reports and intense mediation with the authority .  The valuation work was billed hourly and the fee’s came to over $40,000.  The fees were paid for as part of the compensation via the acquiring authority.

Effectively our fee was free & the client walked away in excess of $2.5 million in front.

What are your reports like?

Short format reports – are generally 5 – 10 pages.  The report you will receive from us will be a comprehensive report which takes into account the latest market trends and sales in your area.

Full format reports – are typically a minimum of 40 pages and can come to hundred’s of pages.  Especially in regards to valuation report’s prepared as expert evidence – we en devour to meet the Makita principle.  (Makita vs Sprowles) –  Anything we rely upon is annexed to the rear of the report & other provisions relevant to the historic decision.

Do we meet the requirements of the ATO/OSR?


Can we provide a depreciation schedule and a capital gains tax valuation at a retrospective date?