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Compensation and Resumption Valuation

Our expert compuslory acquisition valuers provide consultancy for dispossessed owners.  Anderson’s have undertaken many resumption matters and provided expert evidence for the Land and Environment court.   The process, the forms, negotiating with the acquiring authority, and understanding the components of compensation a dispossessed owner is entitled are all part of our service.

An “authority” which is typically a government body or energy supplier can compulsorily acquire land under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.
This Act provides the legislative basis for determining the amount of compensation to which a person is entitled in matters of land acquisition.
Under section 55 of the Act there are relevant matters to be considered in determining the amount of compensation.These relevant matters are as follows:
Market Value
Special Value
Loss Attributable to Severance
Loss Attributable to Disturbance

Anderson’s have a good relationship with experienced solicitors and barrister in this field of expertise.  Some of our negotiations have resulted in millions above the authorities offer.  In most circumstances our fees are covered under the Act.

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