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Easement Valuations

We specialise in easement valuation.  Easement valuations are a specialised area of property valuation.

Michel Hermiz is one of our full-time valuers and is our expert for easement valuations.   We have valued easements in regards to the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991, including mediation and negotiation with relevant acquiring authorities.

The most common easement we come across is typically a drainage easement along a boundary for a smaller type of development.

Other easements can be overhead high voltage power lines, a right of way, or a right to access. There are various methods of valuation in regards to easements and in our report, we will typically use two methods.

There is various case law which we have knowledge of in regards to easement valuation. Each easement valuation is quoted on a case by case scenario.

Our easement valuations are often used as expert evidence and have been heavily relied upon to resolve disputes.

The report itself will show clear, logical detailed reasoning so that the report itself will typically resolve a dispute.