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Family Law Court Property Valuers

Hello to our solicitors who have been using our services for many years and new visitors to our site. We are fully conversant with Section 15.5.4, 15.5.5 and 15.5.6 of the Family law court rules in relation to the production of expert evidence for the family law court. Your matter may also be in the Federal Circuit Court (Formerly the Federal Magistrates Court) whereby the Federal Court rules apply. Attaching the practice note CM7 to your instruction is the easiest way to instruct for the Federal Circuit Court. Our reports to the best of our abilities meet the Makita principle of providing expert evidence. The valuers in our firm have completed the Certificate in Expert Evidence for the Family Law Court of Australia conducted by the Australian Property Institute. If we are jointly instructed all correspondence is to be joint and as per the relevant court rules our duty is to the court which we respect and take seriously.