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Property Valuers in Woodford

For a property valuation at Woodford discover the Anderson difference. Our team is made up of passionate property valuers with decades of experience under their belts.  The directors are on the board of the Australian Valuers Institute.  We have a loyal client base from the legal, accounting and lending industry some whom have been using our services for decades.

Woodford is a residential suburb approximately 90 kilometres West Sydney central business district.  Woodford has around 1,934 residents and adjoins the suburbs of Hazelbrook.  There are typically around 35 properties sold each year in Woodford.  The median property prices over recent years have been 2015:$525,000, 2016:$547,500, 2017:$642,500, 2018:$636,250.

We provide personalised service to our clients.  We take pride in the good professional relationships we have established with our clients.  Our experienced and qualified property valuers service all classes of property including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, development sites, rural and other.  All of our property valuers maintain Certified Practicing Valuer status.  It is our aim to provide a complete service to a wide range of industry organisations, professionals and individuals.  We provide 24 hour turn around on most short format residential valuations.  We also provide full format expert reports for court purposes.

By using Anderson Group you are supporting the local economy by using an Australian owned company.

Our standard valuation reports have photos of the property and photos of the sales evidence within the report.  This style ensures clear reasoning and acceptability by the OSR and ATO which is particularly important for capital gains and stamp duty valuations.

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